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Name Akashi Tetsuya
Kanji 赤司テツヤ
Alias Black Skull,BlackRabbit,Red Death ,Child of Zeref,Shinigami,Emperor
gender male
age 19
race human/etherious
height 168cm(5'5)
weight 64kg(141lbs)
birthdate december 20
bloodtype AB
hair color red
eye color red(right) yellow(left)

Akashi Tetsuya (赤司テツヤ 'Akashi tetsuya) was a prodigy of the Tetsuya clan. He became an international criminal after murdering his entire clan,with a bounty reward of 500,000,000 jewels.After killing Nanase Takeshi.Akashi's motivations were revealed to the entire world by Tsuganashi to be more complicated than they seemed and that he only wanted to protect the village, remaining a loyal shinobi to the village at the very end and clearing of his reputation of being a criminal.


Akashi has a rather small stature,He is only 168 cm tall, making him the shortest male member in the guild.He has spiky red hair ,large eyes with vertical pupils.It shown that Akashi has heterochromatic eyes,with his right eye being red and his left being yellow/orange.It was shown in his days in clan, Akashi's eyes were both red.The change in color occurred due to the over usage of his "dragons eye"

is often seen wearing a hooded, long-sleeved black leather jacket over a yellow vest underneath it is a red long-sleeved shirt and tight black pants and a white bandana/cloth around his neck,He also wears a pair of black knee-length boots 

Akashi also has a piercing on his left ear,and usually wears a pair of rings in each fingers on his right hand and a white gloves on his left hand


Akashi has a composed and stoic personality, and is rather aloof,and smiles rarely,and is tending not to show strong energeticness,he also has the tendency to use language that is often uncouth or inappropriate and always falls a sleep,but he cares deeply for his comrades' safety and will do whatever is in his power to protect them,He has a certain level of respect to all of his guild-members and has utter faith in their abilities,Akashi is also known for having a sweet tooth, he loved everything sweet, as he spent almost 200 million jewels which he got after winning a tournament at there place on snacks,His favorite snack cake However, his ruthlessness and aptitude in killing shows the other side of him — deadly, violent, and bloodthirsty. He possesses a strong winners-mentality, believing that winners get everything in life while losers are denied all. However Akashi also has a tendency to take victory for granted as he holds that, for him, winning is merely a given and thus, lost the sense of accomplishent in victory. Akashi also views his power and skill as absolute and grows violent when anybody opposes what he says.He also seems to have a humorous side.Calls peoples with there last name.....(Example:IZUMI RINRin Rin SeijinSeijin Alex GarethGareth Yujin SatoshiSatoshi))